Hospital Compliance With The Price Transparency Of Hospital Charges Final Rule In The New York City Borough Of Manhattan

By HealthPriceCompare - January 23rd, 2021

Our previous post assessed the compliance of hospitals in the Richmond, VA Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) with the Price Transparency of Hospital Charges Final Rule that became effective on January 1, 2021. As indicated in the description of the methodology used to make the assessment, the focus is determining if a machine-readable file containing the required healthcare price information as required by the regulations had been publicly posted.

This post assesses hospitals in the New York City Borough of Manhattan. This area was chosen for assessment because Manhattan is the most densely populated areas in the US with over 70,000 people per square mile.

We determined that only one hospital system, New York-Presbyterian and its four Manhattan hospitals, had taken action to become compliant with the regulations. The remaining twenty hospitals took no action to be compliant and were consequently assigned an overall compliance level of Not Applicable (N/A). It ultimately begs the question of how quickly hospitals in densely populated areas will take action to become compliant and to what degree regulatory authorities will use the tools at their disposal to enforce federal law.