Did You Know You Can Choose Your Imaging Center?

By HealthPriceCompare - Mar 8, 2023

The pain in your neck is too much to bear. Or perhaps your teenager got hit in the head playing sports. Either way, you need an MRI to have the problem examined.

So where should you go to get your procedure done?

Most people just go where their physician tells them to go, despite what might be best for you the patient.

One downside to this approach is you may end up at an imaging center with outdated technology because not all MRI machines are the same. And some imaging centers offer only traditional MRIs that require the patient to be inserted into a metal tube.

For broad men, bariatric patients, or anyone who experiences claustrophobia, an open MRI is an option. These machines offer a lot more space in the front, back and above that allows the patient to sit, bend or even stand. It has the same technology as a closed MRI but a drawback to this approach is the quality of the image may not be what it is on a closed MRI.

When you need an MRI or CT scan, how do you decide where to get it?

Another downside to going where your physician tells you to go is that you will likely end up paying far more for this common diagnostic procedure than you should. Did you know that an MRI can cost up to $5,000 or even more?

Many of us and our family members have experienced this sticker shock. This is because patients have traditionally been unable to learn the cost of a procedure beforehand because the contracted price agreements between insurance companies and providers were hidden.

Do you need an MRI and are uncertain where to go?

Patients are becoming aware of their ability to choose providers based on price, distance and quality. Try HealthPriceCompare to find out how we make this easy for you.