About Us

HealthPriceCompare was founded in response to fundamental shifts disrupting healthcare. Increased high-deductible health plan enrollment, widespread consumer adoption of digital shopping platforms and changing patient attitudes toward healthcare mean that better tools are needed to make the right provider decisions.

Our mission is empowering patients to make these decisions based on price, distance and quality. With healthcare only getting more expensive and patients paying more upfront out-of-pocket costs than ever before, the right resource is needed to provide the right information.

By leveraging technology and novel healthcare price data, we provide a patient focused digital solution that displays both insurance contracted and discounted cash prices for medical services – information that has traditionally been hidden from patients and their families when making healthcare spending decisions.

Our transformative comparison tool enables instant comparison of providers based on these prices, in addition to their respective quality ratings and your travel distance to their practice locations - key decision points when patients and their caregivers are deciding where to get care. Whether it's common imaging studies like MRIs, CT scans or ultrasounds, on-demand urgent care or even a knee or hip replacement, HealthPriceCompare positively empowers healthcare consumerism.

We believe in the transformative power of price transparency and its ability to reinvent the healthcare experience and enhance the relationship between patients and providers.